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    Falling in love with Michael all over again...

    The goal at MJJUltimate is simple: to encourage each Fan to remember when they fell in love with Michael and to continue to fall in love with him over and over again...

    Make sure you check out our Forum, a super active Michael Jackson message board with up to date news, discussions, multimedia including pictures and videos, competitions, fan fiction and lots more. For the Fans by the Fans...

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    MJJ Ultimate

    We love you Michael
  • Help Us to Heal The World

    Honoring Michael's Legacy

    Here at MJJUltimate we guarantee that 100% of donations received through subscriptions and one off donations made by our members, will go directly towards charities supported by Michael during his lifetime.

    MJJUltimate is pleased to announce that for the next few months all donations received will go towards Michael's Dream Foundation. If you would like to find out more information and how to make a donation please visit our Heal The World section at our Forum.

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    MJJU helping to keep Michael's Legacy alive

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  • MJJU Supports The Michael Jackson Children's Hospital

    A Dream in Motion

    Michael's Dream Foundation Inc. is a registered non-profit corporation in the state of Pennsylvania with the ultimate mission of raising funds to build the MJCH (Michael Jackson's Children's Hospital). Show your support today by visiting www.michaelschildrenshospital.com/ and completing a pledge form.

    "There is nothing more important that I can do with my life than to make the lot of the world's children a better one." ~ Michael Jackson

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    Want to show your support?

    Simply click the + button to visit MJCH.
  • Get your dot today!

    The Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait

    You can be part of an official portrait of Michael Jackson. David Ilan is an internationally recognized pointillism artist, which means he draws using only dots. Every single hand-drawn dot David places on his canvas represents a real person. People have joined David's projects from more than 180 countries. Every Michael Jackson fan is able to get a free hand-drawn dot added to the portrait in their name. At least one million fans will be needed to complete the drawing, so it’s important to spread the word!

    1 dot = 1 person

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    I dot = 1 person

    MJJU's dot number 277046