Rules & Guidelines - ALL MEMBERS MUST READ!

Rules & Guidelines

Dear Members,

Welcome to Michael Joseph Jackson Ultimate or MJJU for short. We are a friendly community that has been set up to honor the legacy of the man himself.

Why are we here?

This is quite simple really; we are all here because we share the same love and passion for the man that is Michael Joseph Jackson.

We want to celebrate the life and work of a man who gave so much to humanity, that his philanthropy was honoured in the Millennium Issue of the “Guinness Book Of Records” which lists Michael as the “ Most Charities Supported By A Pop Star."

We also hold a great amount of respect for not only Michael, but those he held dear to his heart - his family and to his extended family - his millions of fans all around the world.

Here at MJJU we want to keep Michael's spirit alive within the fan community by:-

- celebrating his wonderful heart and continuing his philanthropy work. All donations that we receive from members will be pledged to the charities supported by Michael.

- celebrating his work whether it be his music, short films or poetry.

- creating an atmosphere where active discussions are encouraged.

- encouraging the sharing of pictures, creative graphics and works of fan fiction and poetry.

- and last but not least, creating a loving, supportive home for all of Michael's fans for many years to come.

What do we expect from our members?

Above all, as Aretha put it so eloquently "R.E.S.P.E.C.T!" It takes nothing to be polite, kind and respectful of other people's feelings and we expect this from all of our members.

We will not tolerate the following:

1. The use of derogatory words such as Wack* Jack* will NOT be tolerated nor will any racist or derogatory remarks regarding someone's religion, race, nationality or sexual orientation.

2. Remember why we are here - for Michael. Therefore, any derogatory remarks made against Michael, his children or his family will result in warnings being issued.

2. If you have any issues with other members, handle it in private and not openly on our forum. If you feel like you need to talk to a member of the team regarding posts of an offensive nature then please do so via PM (private message).

3. If you have any issues with MJJU specifically, again please speak to a member of the team via PM. We will not tolerate members who decide to rant about the board in our public forum.

4. We will not tolerate the bashing of any other MJ Forums here at MJJU. As Michael put it, "It's all for L.O.V.E." If you have problems with another site take it up with them, do not use this forum as a sounding board.

Account Information

1. Only one account per member is allowed, multiple accounts will be deleted.

2. Any requests for accounts to be deleted/cancelled will be denied.

3. The changing off username's is not permitted unless you are a Gloved One Donor. Then you are allowed only one username change request.

4. Accounts which are not validated within a week of signing up will be deleted.

General Forum Rules

1. All posts must be written in English since this is an international board and proper grammar is mandatory.

2. Please use the search function, before you create a new thread, to make sure a similar thread is not already posted.

3. Please make sure you create your thread in the right forum section.

4. Stick to the subject in the given thread.

5. You must always post a link and source if you quote someone from another forum, website or post an article.

6. You may never post the content of PMs without the author’s permission.

7. Use the Thanks button, instead of merely posting “I agree”, “Thank you” or anything similar.

8. Only quote the part of a post you wish to comment on.

9. Double posting is not allowed. If you wish to add something to a post you just posted, use the edit option.

10. Do not post links for downloading official released material. You can post links for streaming.

11. Discussing and posting pornographic or sexual subjects is only allowed in the appropriate section of the forum. It is never allowed in the public part of the forum.

12. Death hoax discussions are only allowed in the appropriate section. Please keep the discussion respectful.

13. Discussions about Michael Jackson’s children are only allowed on the appropriate section. Same goes for picture. Discussions and pictures of the children's very personal lives are not allowed.

14. We do not condone violent comments or death wishes towards anybody.


1. All registered users are allowed to have a signature which does not exceed the size of 400 pixels in width and 200 pixels in height (image or animated video/gif).

2. Moonwalker's are allowed to have a signature which does not exceed the size of 500 pixels in width and 300 pixels in height (image or animated video/gif).

3. Gloved One's are allowed to have a signature which does not exceed the size of 650 pixels in width and 250 pixels in height (image or animated video/gif).

4. Registered users are also allowed to have 1 additional picture which does not exceed the height of 150 pixels. Moonwalker donors are allowed to have 2 additional images to their signature and Gloved ones are allowed an additional 4.

5. Links to other forums or the use of banners that promotes other websites in your signature is not allowed. Please use the ‘Friends of MJJ Ultimate' section to request affiliation.

6. Images which do not comply with these rules will automatically be removed without forewarning and informal PM's will be sent out.

7. Please do not use other members' artwork without gaining their permission first.

The Gallery

1. MJJ Ultimate does not own or claim any images that are uploaded to the gallery as its own.

2. Should any members find images that belong to someone and are unaccredited, contact us so that we can ensure proper credit will be given.

3. Any pictures that are purchased by MJJU will be watermarked with our logo.

Warnings and Bans

- Breaking any of the rules can result in warning levels being raised and any member who repeatedly breaks these rules may be issued with either a temporary or permanent ban.

- Any members who accumulate five warnings will be immediately banned.

- Any members who is caught plagiarizing someone else's work will be instantly banned without forewarning. Plagiarism is stealing and will not be tolerated! This applies to written work and original artwork/drawings and paintings created by others.

The team

The team here at MJJU are a friendly group of people who are here to make your time spent with us as enjoyable as possible. We are not here to watch over people, our job is to make this forum as friendly and inviting as possible so that you will want to return to us time and time again. We are here to answer your questions, assist with technical issues and make this forum one of THE best MJ forums around. Please respect the team they are here to make things comfortable for everyone. To meet the team and find out who we are and what we're about check out the Meet The MJJU Family thread.

Please note the following:

1. The team members can close or delete any thread/post they feel are not suitable for discussion and not give a reason.

2. If a thread or a post has been closed or deleted, you may not restart that thread or post.

3. If you should have a question or complaint regarding the teams work, please send us a PM. Never discuss such issues publicly.

Thank you for taking the time to read these guidelines, we hope you enjoy participating @MJJU and thank you for being a part of our dream. And most importantly: HAVE FUN!

L.O.V.E. The MJJU Team.